Dental tourism

Dear patients, our dentistry «Tooth Fairy PLUS» provides dental services to foreign citizens.
Our clinic is in the capital of Belarus — the city of Minsk. We regularly accept patients from different corners of the world (Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Tibet, Cuba, Ecuador, the USA, Canada, etc.).

Our dental clinic «The tooth fairy PLUS» developed the high level of rendering stomatologic services and constantly supports him.
• The skilled, highly qualified specialists having high reputation and positive responses of the patients work for us.
• We render the full volume of dental services: implantation of teeth, all types of prosthetics of teeth, treatment of root canals, veneers, etc.
• Our clinic is equipped with the modern equipment and materials of the leading global manufacturers (the USA, Germany, Japan, Israel, etc.)
• We work taking into account the international standards of treatment.
• We have an opportunity to provide consultation, to make the plan of treatment, to calculate the cost of treatment and to discuss the schedule and terms of stay in Belarus in the online mode (if you provide a panoramic picture, 3D — a picture)
• The prices of dental services in Belarus are much more available, than in other countries
• The difference in the cost of stomatologic services will allow you to pay back the road, housing and to save considerable part of means.
• Also you can combine business with pleasure – to examine cultural and historical sights of Belarus.
We will be glad to see you and to give stomatologic help necessary for you in our stomatologic center «Tooth Fairy PLUS» (Belarus).

Сomparative table of the prices of dentistry
Procedure United States ElSalvador Mexico Hungary Poland Belarus
Implants, with crown $2990 to $5,000 $900 $990 $1000 $900 $600
Veneers $800 to2,000 $440 $495 $360 $450 $220
Root canal $699 to $2,000 $220 $300 to$450 $60 $150 to$200 $25
Crowns $750 to $3,000 $440 $495 $285 $280 to $800 $100-150$

To consult to lay out free of charge enough a 3D panoramic picture on the file an exchange resource, and to give to us the reference.
We will count, how many it is required to establish implants, how many crowns what is required treatment of channels, we will count the term which will be required for all treatment, prosthetics and implantation.
We will make the individual schedule of treatment that in the shortest terms to execute necessary amount of works. We will save your time without quality loss!
Our stomatology in Minsk provides a discount of $100-150 for citizens of the USA for a covering of expenses on a consular fee at receipt of a visa at the capacity of performed works from $3000
Our stomatology in Minsk is glad to help you to organize your trip to our dental clinic and to make stay in our hospitable city useful and pleasant.


Veneers & Crowns from E-max Press ceramic

Dental implants

dental implant, abutment, crown

Root canal

Treatment of Root canal with use of the most advanced technologies of an obturation of canal.


Belarus,  city Minsk, street Kosmonavtov, house 4, placement 112


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